Step up to the challenge to go through the Bible in one year. Join us as we dig deeper daily in our walk with Jesus by using SOAP. SOAP is the easiest way to grow daily spiritually. Here's how it works and what you'll need. First off you'll need a Bible. It can even be the YouVersion Bible app. You'll also need a Journal, something to write with and the Bible reading plan. Next take about 20 minutes and read through the daily passage. While you read allow God to speak to you and show you ONE verse that really hits home with you for the day. Now you get to do your SOAP! SOAP takes about 20 min to complete. In your Journal you're going to write todays date at the top and then start the acronym with "S" which is scripture. This is that ONE verse that stuck out. Write it word for word. Next is "O" which is observation. This is simply the facts... the who, what, where, when, why and how. Next is "A" which is application. You'll write how this ONE verse applies to your life. What does it mean to you? How is it challenging you or correcting you? Then last is the "P" which is prayer. Simply write out your prayer for the day. This is just you writing to God.

We're so excited you're taking the challenge of getting into your Bible on a daily basis.

Click Here for the daily Bible reading plan and to find out more about SOAP.